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We created this store to gather all the skulls and skeletons lovers. Whether you are looking for a particular product or information you are at the right place. We try to transmit our passion around the representations of skull art, souls and their meanings.

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We have had two sources of inspiration:

  • The first is the costumes and decorations of the Halloween party. A souvenir of our childhood, when we used to decorate our houses and dressed in order to be ready for the day of trick or treating. It is one of the most popular parties in the U.S.
  • The second is the traditions of Mexican folk art. Especially that in the Day of the Dead where men and women make up themselves in the floral of the dead skull called "Calavera". The most important festivities of mexican culture.

If you're looking to honor your loved ones, dress up for celebrations or creepy and scary apparel to add character to your outfit. check out our products and new arrivals.

La Catrina

La Catrina

Welcome to Pirate Skull
I just found THE best skull-themed destination for you.

Whether you're a fan of Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, Gothic or Motorcycle, you've come to the right place.
Biker style or  dark style, you will find your happiness in a large collection of products dedicated to skulls.

Ladies and gentlemen will find accessories for their styles. Some of our categories are mixed and you will find the missing piece to complete your look.

Discover my products "dia de los muertos" for all the "afficionados" of sugar skulls.
It's up to you to go in search of those hidden treasures.

Our collection of products is constantly growing and I suggest you stay tuned. T-shirts, Sweatshirt, Jewellery, Decorations, Accessories, etc... you have a wide choice.

Pirate Skull sends these products all over the world for FREE.
For any information or partnership request, please contact them at contact@pirate-skull.com .